The final race was full of champions at the top. Brian and Kevin Brickler took the lead at the second time around and stretched the lead as the race progressed. Kent Haeger/Mike Greeson crossed second to break the tie with his son Will who finished fourth. The leader Frank Davenport/Ron Jarecki took third to solidify one of the largest winning margins. He simply sailed out of his mind. His worst race was a 6th in a fleet with many, many past National Champions.

This is the shot everyone waits for and Brickler’s took the gun on Sunday’s sole race in addition.

Lastly, a note from the regatta chair, Ron Hull, “Our club and our city would like to thank the C Scow Class as a whole. Our experience was so positive even though mother nature really tested everyone’s resolve. I think we all made new friends and established relationships that will help move both organizations forward. There is definitely a renewed spirit within our club and we have you guys to thank for that.”

And —- we have a request for the unknown photographer who had a computer at the Elks Club dinner on Friday night. Great photos and LD-9 would love a photo.

TOP TEN RESULTS (FINAL – After Four Races)
1.) Davenport, B-303; 3-2-6-3= 14 pts.
2.) Keck, N-181; 9-15-1-4= 29 pts.
3.) Haeger, B-12; 6-23-2-2= 33 pts.
4.) Haeger, B-1; 20-4-4-5= 33 pts.
5.) Eckert, A-136; 8-9-11-7= 35 pts.
6.) Evensen, OO-3; 23-8-8-10= 49 pts.
7.) Schmidt, E-88; 26-13-5-6= 50 pts.
8.) Brickler, B-18; 5-12-40-1; 58 pts.
9.) Morgan/Harris, ))-824; 12-18-12-23= 65 pts.
10.) Tews, A-22; 18-7-32-9= 66 pts.
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