MARCH 9, 2022 (Zenda, Wisconsin): Melges Performance Sailboats is proud to announce the worldwide launch of the Melges 15 through its partnership with Nelo and dealers around the globe. Boats will be available for delivery starting in Spring 2022.

Springboarding from its launch in May 2020, the Melges 15 has seen exponential growth in North America and was awarded Sailing World’s Boat of the Year title. More than 275 boats are sailing around the US with another 200 on the way to new owners.

The Melges 15 offers an exciting doublehanded platform that appeals to a wide range of sailors from youth to adults. Melges conducted extensive research and product testing to produce a comfortable environment for both the skipper and crew. The deeper cockpit takes the load off the sailor’s knees helping them feel locked into the boat while the high boom and gnav vang system work together to make the boat easier to maneuver.

The asymmetric spinnaker offers an additional performance element while the single-pull launch and retrieval system makes handling the sail easy and fast. The eager to plane hull shape makes downwind sailing a fast, fun ride.

Based in Porto, Portugal, Nelo is in a prime location to supply the European market with Melges 15s easily and efficiently. Bringing Nelo onboard for production also keeps the purchase cost low while providing a local resource for new owners. In combination with Nelo’s steady supply of high-quality boats, Melges dealers enhance the exponential growth that the Melges 15 has already experienced in North America.

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