See what’s onboard 2020-21 Quantum Sails Triple Crown Champion Eddie Cox’s MC Scow!

Quantum Sails Powerzone
Eddie Cox: The new Powerzone features upwind power and speed downwind. It was a powerful tool in the variety of conditions we saw in Eustis. A sail for all size MC sailors and a great all-around sail to have in your inventory. The Powerzone is the simply the best sail on the market.

Harken 2x Grip 75mm Ratchet Block
EC: I switched my mainsheet block to a new 2x Grip Ratchet Block to facilitate trimming my mainsheet harder and keeping it trimmed. The 2x block drastically reduced the load on my mainsheet allowing me to maintain a tighter trim. If you have an older MC, you may also need a ratchet extender. The ratchet extender raises the level of your mainsheet to prevent it from rubbing on the hiking straps and deck. The ratchet extender also serves as an adapter between the older Harken swivel bases and the new Harken ratchet blocks. The 2x Grip Block helps me keep fresh and stay clear-headed especially when the breeze is up throughout multiple races.

D2 Tapered Mainsheet
EC: I upgraded my mainsheet a while back and it’s made a world of difference. The tapered mainsheet reduces friction through the block making it easier to adjust my trim on the fly.

One-Way Drain Plugs
EC: These updated drainplugs fit directly into your existing drain plugs. It allows water to drain out while not letting any water into your boat’s backbone. This is especially important in windy, wavy conditions when water can get into your backbone. The one-way drain plugs give you peace of mind that your boat is light and as fast as possible.

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