This year, Melges and Quantum Sails hosted the 29th annual Zenda University. The two-day clinic on Lake Eustis helps MC sailors refine their skills immediately prior to the Midwinter Championship. 

What a success! Coaches Andy Burdick and Ted Keller led 20 students through in-room learning and on-the-water training to improve their abilities and knowledge for managing these modes.  

The main focus for this year’s Zenda U was a deep dive into the two modes of racing the Melges MC – looking for power in light to medium air and reducing power in breezy conditions.  We also dialed in sailing the boat in these conditions from steering, sail adjustments, and more.  

Other hot topics were:

  • Starting techniques and strategy
  • Tacking the MC with speed and smooth transitions
  • Decision-making on the racecourse 

We’re proud to say that everyone graduated, and we can’t wait to celebrate 30 years of Zenda U in 2024.