We are celebrating 75 years of boat building in Zenda, Wisconsin, USA. Although the company has evolved from humble beginnings as a wooden flat-bottom rowboat builder to the creators of the highest quality hulls, sails, covers and accessories, the commitment to detail, community building, and passion for the sport has remained. From two new A Scows coming in Spring 2020, to the ever-growing MC fleet, to Melges 14s spread around the world, we continue to deliver the finest sport boats, scows and dinghies on the market. Each boat is built with pride and backed by experience.

Can we interest you in a new Melges for 2020? Learn more about the joys and benefits of ordering a new boat from Melges. New boats being built in the heart of America – Melges. Contact sales@melges.com to learn more.

Take a look at the latest Melges 24 Hull Number 863; built in Zenda and racing in the Bacardi Winter Series.