Jeff Gentzen has been moving up in the MC Class this winter. Jeff’s commitment to sailing faster and achieving better results is evident in his recent endeavors, particularly at the MC Scow Trainwreck Regatta hosted by the Lake Eustis Sailing Club at the end of January. In this interview with Andy Burdick, Jeff sheds light on his sailing background, emphasizing the significant role of time in the boat, builder support, and the advantages of his Quantum Powerzone.

AB: Great to see you sailing faster in the MC fleet – your new boat and Quantum Powerzone Sail sure help! However, you have been spending a lot of time at regattas. What are 3 things that have helped you improve?
JG: 1) Time in the boat has been instrumental. Coming into the fleet from a career in big boats, the learning curve has been bigger than expected, but the challenge has kept me motivated. At the Trainwreck, for example, I felt like I experimented quite a bit with downwind heel and trim and was getting faster with every downhill leg. I feel like I still have tons of improvement on the upwind and looking forward to Zenda U and the Midwinter Championship to help me get faster and achieve better finishes.

2) The fleet support has been unbelievably helpful. If I have any questions about sail trim or boat handling, the Melges team and people in the fleet couldn’t be more supportive and willing to provide tips and pointers.

3) You mentioned it, but I will re-iterate the new boat and Quantum Sails! The boat is so stiff and easy to sail. Everything works as smooth as silk and is very reliable. I love the sail. It’s easy to switch gears. I used to spend time tweaking my old boat but now I can spend that time learning to sail faster!

AB: Before the Trainwreck started, we spent an afternoon tuning up. The group was small, but fast. What did you learn from that particular practice session?
JG: 100% that I need to be more aggressive at shifting gears with the sail trim and boat heel. The new boat’s controls are particularly smooth. Knowing that when I ease the outhaul, cunningham, or vang, it is easier and faster to pull them back in.

AB: Melges has new MCs in stock and ready to race. What was the process like for getting your new boat?
JG: When I decided to purchase the new boat, the Melges Team was very easy to work with and happily answered all of my questions that I had with making that step to buying 2872. The pickup in Zenda was awesome and being able to see the production facility was really cool. The best part was driving south afterward to Windycrest Sailing Club on Lake Keystone, Oklahoma, and being able to take the covers off, mount my Vakaros, and already be ready to go race. As turn-key as you can get!

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