In 2019, the Melges 24 celebrated its 25th anniversary. Over the years, there have been some modifications to enhance performance, organization and comfort. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular upgrades and options for the Melges 24. Start upgrading your boat today!

Melges 24

Cockpit Race Foam Non-Skid
The brushed SeaDek foam non-skid is an essential upgrade for your Melges 24 sailing and racing. Comfortable, great grip, and an attractive addition to your cockpit floor makes this an essential Melges 24 item. Keep your crew happy. Get a detailed kit from Melges. 

Carbon Jib Ratchet Cover
Keep the spinnaker sheet or any other sheet out of your portside ratchet block. This high-gloss carbon cover easily fits over your port ratchet block and works to deflect sheets from getting trapped in the ratchet at leeward mark roundings or other maneuvers. If you want to limit mistakes and hassles on the race-course, be sure your Melges 24 has this option installed.

Sidestay Turnbuckle Cover
A unique cover that folds over and around your turnbuckles. Keep your sheets and spinnaker off the turnbuckles with this cover. Your Melges 24 asymmetrical spinnaker will go in and out smoother and easier with this essential cover.

Forestay Sump Cover
The bow of the Melges 24 has a sleek look with the roller furling unit below deck-level.  Cover up the bow triangle with the Melges 24 forestay sump cover. Apply the cover to the triangle area so that you keep the area dry.

Mesh Sheet Bags
Whether you have Melges 24 #75 or #865, the standard Melges mesh sheet bag will fit your boat. A replacement part or a new addition to your boat, this sheet bag is ideal for keeping your cockpit clean and organized.

Melges 24 Mast Travel Cover
Keep your Melges 24 mast clean and safe from harmful UV-rays when not sailing. The Melges 24 mast travel cover easily slides onto your carbon spar. This part covers the entire mast tube and features a red color at the end for trailing awareness.

Melges 24 UV Jib Cover
When your Melges 24 jib is furled, you will want to cover the sail in order to protect it from the sun. The cover is white in order to reduce heat. Simply secure the UV jib cover to your spinnaker halyard, zip the cover as you hoist, and tie off once all the way up. Easy.

Melges 24 Mast Pad
Cover the front of your carbon mast with the Melges 24 mast pad. This pad protects the mast from your jib blocks while tacking. Keep your mast clean and scratch free. If you have an old mast pad, get a new one and clean up the look of your Melges program. Keep things fast and fresh!