With more than six decades of building experience, we want to help keep your MC Scow simple, stable, and fast.

MC Scow

One-Way Drain Plugs
A NEW, must-have offering for any MC! Make sure your boat is as dry as possible with one-way drain plugs. These plugs fit into your existing drain plug fittings letting water drain out, but not in. Water can easily get into the backbone of any MC, especially in windy conditions. A simple solution to keep your MC as dry as possible!

Cockpit Race Foam Non-Skid
A standard option on all new MC Scows is the brushed SeaDek foam. This custom-cut, non-skid is easily installed into any Melges MC. Comfortable with great grip the SeaDek kit makes your cockpit look great while making sure you have the grip and comfort to perform at the top of your game. SeaDek has a sticky back and does not require adhesive. Easy to install or bring it to the Melges Service Shop for installation. Easy to clean and maintain with Boat Juice. Comfortable for your feet and knees. Great for sailing with or without shoes. Available in blue or grey.

MC D2 Tapered Mainsheet
A trendy option for new MCs! The MC D2 Tapered Mainsheet is custom-tapered by the experts at Melges to fit your MC Scow. Tapered sheets reduce friction and line load, making it easier to adjust your mainsail. The D2 Tapered Mainsheet is ideal for both heavy and light air sailing. Marlow D2 Club is easy on the hands, durable, and lightweight.

2x Grip Ratchet Block
Power3 ratchet blocks provide MC sailors with increased holding-power to handle a variety of wind and sea conditions. Taking load out of your hand and reducing the friction and load when trimming and easing your mainsheet will help fight off fatigue and allow you to sail harder for longer. This block, combined with the D2 Tapered Mainsheet, can make a real difference in your sailing. Read more about why Melges loves the 2x grip ratchet blocks: Trim for Speed

Bow Rail
Protect the bow of your Melges MC from scuffs and scrapes with a bow rail. The same bow rail we put on the new MCs, this is a great option to protect your boat. This part includes the screws required for installation.

Melges MC Rudder and Tiller Bag
Fits your MC rudder, tiller, and tiller extension all in one bag! Keep your gear dry, clean, and race-ready with this durable and long-lasting bag from Melges.

Melges MC Boom Bag
This padded boom bag is standard with all new MC boat and trailer packages. There’s no need to pad your boom when the padding is integrated into the bag.

Melges MC Full Deck Cover
Simply the best MC Cover available. Made from high-quality, Melges-exclusive material. Melges does extensive testing to make sure you are getting the longest-lasting, driest, and most user-friendly cover on the market. If you roll your sail and leave it on your boom, then you want this full deck cover. Our light grey fabric color doesn’t fade in the sun, is durable and lightweight, and includes grommets so you can tie the cover down to your trailer. The Melges MC full deck cover protects your deck from the elements, keeping water out of your boat and UV rays off of your control lines, boom, and deck. Click the link for a closer look: Product Video

Melges MC Envelope Cover
Just like our full deck cover, the MC envelope cover is the industry standard. We supply envelope covers to all Melges scow classes and understand what goes into making a cover that is both durable and user-friendly. Made from high-quality, Melges-exclusive material. The MC Envelope cover protects your entire boat while traveling or in storage, keeping dirt, debris, and critters from damaging your boat.

If you need assistance with upgrading your MC or ordering a new one, call +1 262-275-1110 or email sales@melges.com.