Melges Performance Sailboats is preparing for another spring rush of activity as we enter into the 2017 racing season. Our team is bigger and stronger than ever so we are ready for the early season enthusiasts!

Last summer, we welcomed Hannah Noll and Eddie Cox to our team. These are two young and talented people — as well as very good sailors. Both are college graduates and bring a new level of energy to the Melges Team. Each day, we work to promote the sport all of us love.

Eddie is fresh out of college and is eager to do a lot of scow sailing and Melges 14 promotion. You will see Eddie at the many of the major scow events.

Hannah Noll has taken on the role of Director of Marketing here at Melges. This is a brand new role within the company. Because of her, all of us will see more perspective from Melges. More inside stories, more brand promotion and an increase of awareness nationally as well as globally.

Melges is fortunate to have both of these key players on our team.  Alongside them, we have Harry Melges, Andy Burdick and Jim Gluek promoting our sport daily.