The new Velocitek ProStart is Melges’s new go-to compass. Upgraded in 2020, the second generation ProStart is a huge step forward in performance, durability, and battery life. 

Upon first powering the unit on, the system boots up and acquires your position almost instantly. There’s no longer a need to account for time in your pre-start routine for the ProStart to find the satellites. The Generation 2’s powerful 72 channel, 18Hz multi-constellation GPS receiver combined with a 100Hz solid-state 6-axis inertial measurement unit (IMU) and a patented high-precision 3-axis geomagnetic sensor, gives you accurate distance, speed, and heading information with zero lag time. 

The benefits of this cannot be understated. The device pings the line right where you pressed the button. The increments are now measured at .1m instead of .5m When the difference between a good start and a bad one can be a matter of feet, this is a huge advantage for boats that decide to upgrade.

The USB charging is a huge upgrade as well from the AA batteries. Velocitek declares a 75–hour Lithium-Ion Battery (with the backlight off), but as we’re trained to charge our phones, watches, etc every night, it’s a good habit to do so with your new ProStart during regattas if for nothing more than peace of mind. We do recommend plugging into the wall as opposed to a laptop for a significantly faster charge time. Forgot to charge? No problem. A battery life indicator will show your status. 

More improvements we love:

  • For those seeking a more minimalist approach, the integrated magnetic compass allows you to ditch extra electronics on your mast and use the ProStart instead.
  •  A bonded Gorilla® Glass display with razor-sharp white-on-black digits show up crystal clear even through your favorite polarized sunglasses. The stark contrast is a truly noticeable difference for skippers and main trimmers in the back of the boat. 
  • A user-selectable white/red LED backlight takes care of night sailing or other low light situations. The night display isn’t overly bright or distracting for shoulder season weeknights or distance races.
  • The control buttons are significantly easier to push, requiring less pressure than their predecessor.

Velocitek’s proven track record of reliability and a user-friendly interface inspires confidence in any racer. Shop the new Generation 2 ProStart on Melges Sailing Supply and enjoy free shipping on your order.