After three days and seven races on Lake Eustis, Andy Burdick won the MC Trainwreck Regatta. The second stop of the Quantum Sails Triple Crown hosted a competitive fleet of nearly 60 Melges MC Scows. 

Check out what’s onboard the winning MC!

Quantum Sails Powerzone
“The Powerzone Main is great in all conditions. It is a sail that is powerful for light to medium winds but you can flatten the sail when the breeze is up. We had winds from 0-17 mph at the Train Wreck, and the Powerzone was FAST.” – Andy Burdick
The Quantum Sails Tuning Guide is a great reference developed by the Melges Team for your new Quantum Main.

TackTick Micro Compass
The Micro Compass provides a digital readout for compass headings and start time. It’s simple to use and easy to read from both port and starboard tacks. 

Harken 2x Grip 75mm Ratchet Block
The 2x Grip ratchet blocks provide increased holding-power to handle a variety of conditions. Reducing the friction and load when trimming and easing your mainsheet will help fight off fatigue and allow you to sail harder for longer.

Tapered Mainsheet
The MC Tapered Mainsheet is custom-tapered by the experts at Melges to fit your MC Scow. Tapered sheets reduce friction and line load, making it easier to adjust your mainsail. The Tapered Mainsheet is ideal for both heavy and light air sailing. 

One-Way Drain Plug
A must-have for any scow! Make sure your boat is as dry as possible with one-way drain plugs. These plugs fit into your existing drain plug fittings letting water drain out, but not in. 

Full Deck Cover
After each race day, cover your boat with the Melges MC full deck to protect your deck from the elements. It also protects your deck, control lines, and boom from UV damage.

Envelope Cover
The Melges Team always travels with the boat wrapped in an envelope cover to protect the boat and keep it clean over thousands of miles. 

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Photos by Regatta Girl Photography