See what’s onboard 2021 Southeast Regional Regatta winner Ted Keller’s MC Scow!

Quantum Sails Powerzone
“The Quantum Sails Powerzone is my definite sail of choice in light to medium air. It’s got horsepower and you’re always able to get the optimal sail shape.” – Ted Keller

Ronstan Carbon Fiber Wind Vane
NEW for 2021! Lightweight and precise. This carbon fiber wind vane is sensitive in breeze from 0.8-40 knots. The high-vis accents are easily seen in all weather conditions.

Harken 2x Grip 75mm Ratchet Block
The 2x Grip ratchet blocks provide MC sailors with increased holding-power to handle a variety of wind and sea conditions. Taking load out of your hand and reducing the friction and load when trimming and easing your mainsheet will help fight off fatigue and allow you to sail harder for longer.

D2 Tapered Mainsheet
The MC D2 Tapered Mainsheet is custom-tapered by the experts at Melges to fit your MC Scow. Tapered sheets reduce friction and line load, making it easier to adjust your mainsail. The D2 Tapered Mainsheet is ideal for both heavy and light air sailing. Marlow D2 Club is easy on the hands, durable, and lightweight.

One-Way Drain Plugs
A must-have for any scow! Make sure your boat is as dry as possible with one-way drain plugs. These plugs fit into your existing drain plug fittings letting water drain out, but not in. Water can easily get into the backbone of any MC, especially in windy conditions.

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