After months of on-the-water testing and development on Geneva Lake, the Quantum Sails Zenda Team is excited to launch the newest addition to our already class-leading E Scow lineup.

The V4 Spinnaker dominated the 2023 E Scow Inland and E Scow Easterns. Featuring a vertical bottom leach while maximizing twist in the top third of the kite, the V4 strikes a previously unattainable balance between a spinnaker that excels at reaching yet can still sail in a low mode when conditions dictate. What does that mean? A wicked fast kite in planing, bow up conditions.

“If it is white capping I’m using the V4!” said Eddie Cox. “This sail will give you the ability to sail hotter and faster than sailors with a traditional running spinnaker yet unlike previous iterations of reaching sails this kite still has a very good light air mode.”

“I think there are multiple conditions where this kite will be very fast and where sailors can really take advantage of the excellent fast-forward mode that this kite offers,” explained Harry Melges III. “One is definitely in any windy condition. When it’s windy, this kite is a proven winner dominating the Inland Championship and E Scow Easterns in the big breeze. The other condition is on an open body of water where the shifts are not as frequent and the advantage is typically forward. Think Jersey, Oshkosh, and Crystal Lake.”

We can’t wait for the 2024 E Scow Season and we want to help you improve your game. Sign up for the Melges E Scow Clinic on Friday, May 17 before the Spring Regatta to get coaching from the Melges Team. You can also have sails delivered directly to the event!

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