Melges Performance Sailboats is proud to unveil the Melges RIB 625C – designed and built to redefine the on-the-water experience for coaches and support teams.

“We spend thousands of hours on the water coaching, developing sails and boats, and watching racing,” said Melges CEO Harry Melges III. “This RIB is designed with that experience in mind. We strive to produce the highest quality and most functional coaching platform on the market.”

Built with Melges’s unwavering attention to detail, the Melges RIB 625C stands as the epitome of coaching excellence. Its unique hull features a deep V bow and reverse bell curve transom to provide unparalleled stability and wave-handling prowess.

One of the standout features of the MR625C is its steady ride, offering optimal acceleration without compromising visibility. The bow stays firmly grounded, providing precise control for the driver and maximizing their field of view as they accelerate onto a plane. The hull’s design enables planing even at low speeds, effectively eliminating blind spots. This feature is crucial for instruction and video work, allowing the operator to keep pace with high-speed skiffs and foiling classes.

The MR625C fosters a seamless connection between the support vessel and team. In a thoughtful move, Melges excluded external hardware and lines from the Hypalon-constructed tubes of the MR625C. This decision not only adds to the sleek aesthetics of the boat but also ensures a friendly interaction between racing yachts, winged skiffs, foiling boats, and their support boats.

The interior of the MR625C is thoughtfully laid out, with ample space aft of the seats for extra storage or accommodating kite or foil launching. An EVA foam anti-skid flooring provides additional comfort for the operator and passengers.

The MR625C has a standard Yamaha 115 HP outboard, providing an open throttle speed of 42 knots. This engine guarantees that support boats can confidently assist their teams, whether towing or in case of breakdowns.

“We’ve engineered every aspect of this boat to elevate the coaching experience, from its stability and speed to its thoughtful design features,” stated Melges. “Coaches can trust the Melges RIB 625C to deliver unmatched performance and reliability, keeping up with the speeds and trends of today’s watersports.”

The Melges RIB 625C debuts at the RYA Dinghy & Watersports Show in Farnborough, UK on Saturday, February 24 at Booth A11. The boat is available for immediate order and delivery to customers in Europe and the U.S.