The Melges Team put together a list of our favorite upgrades for the new year. These products are easy ways to ensure that you have an enjoyable 2023 on the water.

Vakaros Atlas 2
The best boats deserve the best electronics. Say hello to the Atlas 2. Centimeter accuracy with the only L1 + L5 GNSS on the water. A compass that measures in tenths of a degree. Wireless charging, nearly a week of battery life, and so much more.

When you win the start, you control the fleet. The Atlas 2 offers state-of-the-art sensors and sophisticated algorithms that give numbers you can trust: distance and time-to-line. Starting screens deliver the situational awareness you need to get to the line on time and at full speed. The Vakaros Atlas 2 is the unit we use on your boats and the difference is noticeable.

The Atlas 2 is so much more than a starting device, it is a training device. The Atlas will detect tacks or gybes and display how many meters were lost (or maybe gained, for those with a really good tack) after the maneuver is completed. Better yet, the LED array will light up Green if the maneuver is above average within your current session, red if it is below, and purple when you achieve a new personal best! These features will be game-changing for sailors in every class, providing instantaneous on-the-water feedback to drive training success. And we’re not done yet. Look for updates in the near future that will enable using true wind direction when paired with a wind sensor, for even more accurate measurements.

Carbon Tiller Extensions
The tiller extension is your connection to the boat. Having something that is comfortable, with the proper grip and the correct length is key to a good performance.

ZS Carbon Tiller Extension – 37” –
Designed specifically for the MC Scow and the Melges 15 the ZS Carbon Tiller Extension is the perfect length for both boats. Featuring a full-length grip perfect for choking down on the extension when ripping downwind, and an easy grip knob so your hand doesn’t slip off the end of the extension.

Ronstan Carbon Tiller Extension – 40”
Ronstan makes great tiller extensions. Lightweight yet strong, this extension is the perfect length for the Melges 24

Ronstan Carbon Tiller Extension – 24”
The 24” carbon extension is the perfect length for the E- Scow. We recommend this extension for the E Scow because of the quick and easy ability to replace the universal joint. E Scow universal joints get bent when the boat is covered so easy replacement is key!

Hiking Straps
Melges offers the best hiking straps for all of our boats. Designed to fit your boat without any extra attachments, reinforced in all the right places, and padded for your comfort.

Quantum Sails
Speed is king and making sure you have the best sails available is the first step toward a great performance. No one has more experience building scow sails and sails for the Melges 24, Melges 15, and Melges Scows than the Experts at Melges/ Quantum Sails Zenda. We build the boats, we build the masts, and we design and test the sails. If it is a Melges boat and you want to maximize performance, Quantum Sails are the only option.

When you buy a sail from Quantum Sails Zenda, you are also purchasing support and service from the Melges Team. Our unparalleled expertise is an email or phone call away and we want to help you go faster and enjoy your sailing! With over 50 Nationals Championships between all of our team members and classes, there is no one with more knowledge and know-how than Quantum Sails Zenda.

Read about each of our designs below and email with specific questions.