After 10 races completed over three days in beautiful Pensacola, FL, the U.S. Melges 24 Class crowned Brian Porter, owner and helm of Full Throttle along with RJ Porter, Bri Porter, and Matt Woodworth as 2022 National Champions.

Brian’s results all weekend long never dipped below the top ten, eight of which he finished in the top five. Powered by a full set of Quantum sails, Porter’s team was able to outpace the competition through a wide range of conditions.

Since Quantum partnered with Melges, there has been intense collaboration in designing and developing new shapes for the Melges 24. Leaning on Melges’ expertise, Quantum has produced the best sails available in the Melges 24 Class. 

See what Brian Porter’s Full Throttle team had onboard for the 2022 National Championship. 

Melges 24 Fusion M Main

The U.S. Nationals saw a full range of conditions, from 15-25 knots on Day 1 to light air flat water on Day Two, and 8-14 knots on the final day. The Fusion M Main excelled in all conditions. Using premium Fusion M materials and iQ Technology®, Quantum designers have created an unprecedentedly fast, repeatable, and high-performing sail. The Melges 24 Fusion M Main is slightly flatter than Quantum’s previous shapes, this gives the sail more range and makes setting up the sail for different conditions straightforward and easy. The Fusion M Main features all-new front-loading battens. These battens give the sail an unmatched leach exit and reduce hangups on the backstay while maneuvering. 

Melges 24 Fusion M Jib

The Full Throttle team used the Quantum Fusion M Jib for the whole regatta. This all-purpose jib works seamlessly with the Fusion M main to maximize ease of handling or repeatability. Revised in 2022 by the Melges/Quantum Team, the new shape has slightly less luff curve, more twist in the head to cover a wider wind range, and delivers a larger steering groove to help in challenging conditions. The proof is in the results! Regardless of conditions, the Quantum Fusion M Jib provided a regatta-winning performance. 

Melges 24 Z1 AP Runner Airx 650

We are extremely excited about Quantum’s all-new spinnaker designs! After more than a year of detailed design and intense on-the-water testing, both new spinnakers from Quantum offer proven speed. Quantums Z1 (Zenda 1) AP Runner delivers the power you are looking for in low-mode conditions, but still gives you the flexibility for planing when needed. Used in the light air conditions of Day Two, this sail also excelled in the big wind/ surfing conditions at the 2022 Worlds. If you are looking for a daily driver/one-kite program, this is the sail for you!

Melges 24 V4 Reacher Airx 650

When the wind is up, there is no better sail on the water than the V4 Reacher. Put the bow up, get everyone in the back of the boat and rip! The V4’s higher clew and straighter luff allow the sail to twist off so the boat unloads and sails faster at higher angles. Even when fully loaded in waves and chop, the new max-sized design has an improved helm feel for easier driving. This is a great sail to have in your inventory and was used by the Full Throttle team on days 1 and 3 of the 2022 Nationals. 

The Quantum Sails Zenda Advantage

Melges is Quantum Sails Zenda. When you buy sails from us, you are getting the expertise and know-how of the Melges Team. With three Melges 24 World Championships and numerous continental and National Championships on staff, there is no one with more experience in the Class than us. 

We are excited about the new shapes we have developed with Quantum. Like any of our other boats, when we put a sail on the market, we feel it is the premier sail in the Class. We want to help you go faster, give us a call at 262-275-1110 to talk sails!